Ebay Lot Break!

15 09 2009

Today, giantsfan and I received a package from ebay we ordered.  The description was 25 cards, 4 hits (either jersey or auto) and 21 “stars”.  Instead what we got, was two decent jersey cards, two crappy no-name autos, and worthless “stars”.  Some of those worthless stars were 1990’s cards.  Even more worthless.

On the upside, the two jersey cards were actually quite good.  One was an UD Sweet Spot Joe Mauer Sweet Swatch gray jersey with pinstripe.  Not bad, but still not amazing.  Next, was our “big hit”, which was a Pedro Martinez dual jersey (one with a pinstripe) numbered to 100.  Book value $25.  So in retrospect, it wasn’t a total disaster if you forget about how much you spent.

The two autos were Willie Eyre Bowman’s Best auto and an other auto, who frankly, I forgot his name.  I’m embarrassed, but it goes to show you how unknown this guy is.  It’s a cool Willie Eyre auto, but there’s no way a middle reliever auto will be worth anything in the future.  Overall, the two autos aren’t even worth selling on ebay because you wouldn’t make a profit.

You’re probably asking yourself  “why did you guys buy this terrible lot?”.  Well don’t worry, we did our research, and this seller had only one bad review in the last month and was highly praised.  It wasn’t too expensive since we split the cost, but for what we paid, it wasn’t a good deal.   The other 21 cards, there were random inserts, numbered and refractors, but nothing jumped out as special.

Overall, it wasn’t a total success, but we got something out of it.  Next time I hope we have better luck in our lot breaks.

By the way pay attention in the next few days as some of the hits will be given away…

P.S. The second auto was a 2005 Team USA Josh Thrailkill opening day jersey auto #ed out of 360, which can be had for about a buck on eBay…



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