Free Card. AKA Giveaway!!!

6 10 2009

Hello Readers of Omegawax. Today marks our first of (hopefully) many giveaways. The giveaway this week is a mystery SportsCenter Swatches game used card of an unidentified player. Leave a comment telling us who he is and on Friday a winner will be selected using Only correct answers will be entered, and good luck…

1. This player plays for the Mariners.

2. He won a Gold Glove a his position in 2007 and 2008

3. He was the 2004 National League Silver Slugger

4. His name is A_ _ _ a _   B_ _ _ _e



11 responses

6 10 2009
Shane Elkinton

Adrian Beltre

6 10 2009

And the call him Adrian Beltre

6 10 2009

Nice. A little criticism: try to not make it that easy. That could be relatively easy to google. 😉

7 10 2009

Adrian Beltre

7 10 2009
Christopher Michael

Yup, Adrian Beltre.

7 10 2009

Adrian Beltre……..

7 10 2009

There’s a player named “Always Believe”? 😀

Ah, too many letters. Must be Adrian Beltre.

8 10 2009

Adrian Beltre

9 10 2009

Adrian Beltre

10 10 2009

Adrian Beltre (and that was my guess even before seeing the other responses)

12 10 2009

Adrian Beltre

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