Angels Lose Another to the Big Dogs

20 12 2009

In the past two years, the Angels have lost three star players to three wealthy teams.  The Angels never can to outbid the Yankees or Red Sox and it costs them some great talent.  And in this day of baseball, if you can pay you can win.  The Yankees showed that this past year.

Last year, the Angels lost Francisco Rodriguez and Mark Teixeira to the two New York teams.

Francisco Rodriguez was more of a loss because he has been with the Angels his whole career.  He also was a key component of a great 2008 season as he broke the single-season saves record with 62.  The Angels strength was pitching and with him in the bullpen, we were able to close out close wins.  But, since we were mainly a pitching team, adding Mark Teixeira for the last half was a huge help and made the team more well-rounded.  But for how great Teixeira and Rodriguez played that year, you knew going into free agency that it would be difficult for the Angels to bring them back.

So how did these two players compare in their new teams?  Teixeira hit .292 with 39 HR and 122 RBI and oh, he  won the World Series with the oh-so stacked Yankees.  Francisco Rodriguez on the other hand had 35 saves and a 3.71 ERA compared to his previous year of 62 saves and a 2.24 ERA and the Mets went 70-92 and finished 4th in the NL East.  Now, Rodriguez probably doesn’t care because he’s being paid $9 million dollars a year.  That could buy 36,000 boxes of 2009 Topps Triple Threads!

Anyways, the recent news is that John Lackey has signed with the Boston Red Sox in a 5 year $82.5 million dollar contract according to

This hurts.  The Red Sox are the enemy.  Even Lackey showed disapproval of the Red Sox.  Lackey has also been a key factor in our success against the Red Sox.  Almost every Angels fan does not like this move.  Not only does this hurt, but it puts the Angels in a bit of a scramble to put together a solid 5-man rotation.  It’s still early in the offseason and our outfield is looking mighy fine after resigning Abreu and also signing Matsui.  Hopefully, Arte Moreno will bring in some youngsters too.  That’s all for now.

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