My First Dance with T206

21 12 2009

A couple of days ago, I found myself at Target, looking for a Christmas gift for my sister. After finding some stuff she might like, I moved into the card aisle on my way out. I noticed that they had a fairly fresh-looking box of T206 out with most of the packs still in place. Some of them were upside down and backwards, as if a packsearcher had already been through them, but I, being naturally curious, snagged three packs from the middle of the deck to get my first in-person look at this set.

The design is okay, but the players kind of just look like they have been through a photoshop cartoon filter and slapped on a background. It doesn’t work as well as Ginter, in my opinion, but the stock is good, I like the tobacco stains and I’m anxious to see how TTM autographs look on these.

I pulled three Piedmont back minis (with a normal base card for reference) and I think that they’re pretty neat. That being said, if anybody wants to trade me for them, they are on the block.

As you can see here, I also grabbed 2 bronze parallels, a Chase Utley no number variation and a Rick Porcello no number, along with a Mickey Mantle checklist 3/7.

Those of you who are very perceptive will by now have realized that I only pulled two bronze parallels, instead of the usual one-per-pack. Let me tell you, these thick bronze cards must make it harder for pack searchers because in my 3rd and final pack, I found this puppy!

Wait, Ryan Zimmerman’s not a rookie! Is there another one??? My happiness turned to disbelief after looking at the back and  finding the name of Jordan Zimmerman. However, one can’t complain about an auto out of retail. These framed autos are really nice and even though it’s the wrong Zimmerman from Washington, these packs were still a smashing success!



6 responses

21 12 2009

if you wanna trade that auto please let me know….

21 12 2009

You know that it’s JORDAN Zimmerman, right?

21 12 2009
Play at the Plate

I’d be happy to take that Mauer mini off your hands.

21 12 2009

I know….. If you ever want to trade it please let me know…

22 12 2009

Sure Wicked, I’m getting a stack together for you. I’m gonna bust some more wax at Christmas and i’ll keep my eyes open for other stuff you might like!

27 12 2009
Topps Chrome Hobby Box Break « Omega Cardboard

[…] On to the hits! My blue refractors were Johan Santana, Ian Stewart, and Jordan Zimmerman (Again??). […]

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