Ryan Garko “Hits”

21 12 2009

Hey all, this is kind of like Angelsfan’s Kinsler collection, but I have recently started collecting Ryan Garko hits. I’ve only got 4 so far, with another one on the way from Roll Out the Barrel, and I am also looking to pick up some more cheap on ebay after the holidays. If you have any, let me know and I will work something out with you. Gark has been one of my favorite players since I used to watch him at Stanford, and now that he is on the Giants, I am stoked. I still have yet to acquire anything of him in a Giants uni, but once I do, look out!

My favorite is the Finest, how about you guys?



4 responses

21 12 2009

i have this card for trade

22 12 2009

Looks great! what are you looking for?

23 12 2009

Got any yankees? I mostly collect Derek Jeter and Padres’ Kevin Kouzmanoff.

Not really looking for an auto. Maybe some kind of cool insert or numbered card.

23 12 2009

I don’t have much except the chrome Mantles right now, but I’ll look around. I will be busting more wax around Christmas day or right after and can let you know then. I’m also looking forward to that case break!

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