Loose Packs From the Back

22 12 2009

On Monday, the Omega Cardboard team got together to go on a trip to a somewhat local Sports Cards shop for some blog content.  Here’s what we got for packs:

In the back of the store, there were 6 big boxes full of loose packs for great prices.  Giantsfan and I picked up a pack of the 2008 hobby version of Allen & Ginter, a pack of 2007 UD Goudey, two packs of the new 2009 UD Goodwin Champions, and two packs of the 2008 UD Baseball Heroes.

Amongst the 6 packs, Giantsfan and I bought, Upper Deck’s Baseball Heroes gave us two hits in two packs!  An Adam Dunn Jersey Card #/125 and a Wade Boggs Red Parallel #/249.  Not bad for two packs!

In the Goudey pack, we got all base cards, but some cool players.  It was the first time I had opened a pack of Goudey and the design is definitely different and I can’t tell if I like it or not.  Doesn’t Howard look a little too cheery?

In the new release of the Goodwin Champions from UD, we pulled some mini’s, including this black border Hideki Okajima and also a Kinsler base for my collection.  They look pretty spiffy to me, what do you think?

In the Allen & Ginter, we got all base cards with a Casey Blake “homestate” card showing where he’s from, which is something new.  The look of A&G is really cool and is more refined than Goodwin or Goudey.

And just for kicks, we got a $1 pack of Helmar Trading Cards, which had three cards in the pack.  We have no idea who the players are.  It is pretty worthless, but random in a funny way.  What do you think?

Trying out different trading card brands and styles is fun and adventurous even if you don’t get much out of a pack.  Having variety is good especially when you get a Sadayoshi Fujimoto (Pacific) card!!

As for the Baseball Heroes packs, those were really cool.  On the back of the pack, it said that their was 1 memorabilia card in 8 packs.  Just our luck!  I know it’s just a jersey, but it was cool to pull from a single pack.  Overall, those were two awesome packs.

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2 responses

22 12 2009
Collective Troll

hey Omega! I would definitely be interested in the Martin Dihigo mini… I have Giants stuff I will package up with box break stuff. Let me know…

23 12 2009

Sounds good Troll, I’ll include it with the group break fee that’ll go in the mail today or tomorrow!

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