Topps Chrome Blaster Rippage!!!

23 12 2009

Angelsfan and I made our way down to Peninsula Sports Cards today for some chillin’ and wax-a-hunting. We picked up several discounted loose packs from these bins that they have in back, along with splitting a $15 2008 blaster of Topps Chrome. The blaster was definitely a good buy, with several refractors, Mickey Mantles, retro-themed cards, and Xfractors.

There are the retro shinies, 2 mantles, a Berkman, a Mauer, and a Pence. I’ve been pulling a lot of Astros lately. We then had refractor madness, pulling 6 in 7 packs. First we’ve got a regular Matt Tupman refractor, the only normal one that we pulled.

That was followed by 2 blue refractors, Mickey Mantle and Dontrelle Willis.

We also pulled X-fractors of Carlos Lee and Freddy Sanchez (a recently added Giant)!

To top it all off, we found a Francisco Liriano (brown??) refractor numbered/599.

These are all for trade if anyone would like them. For $15, we were happy with this blaster, as it came out to about 2 bucks/pack. Thanks for reading!



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