New Gem in my Collection

7 01 2010

Angelsfan and I like to trade whenever we get stuff that the other one might like. I have been trading for Giants and Angels for quite some time, and had myself about a 4 inch tall stack of cards to hand off to Angelsfan including a jersey-auto of Howie Kendrick, a K-Rod jersey card, a Vladdie bat card, and several numbered, vintage, and base cards as well. In return, he gave me this:

WOW!! I’ve had it for about a week now, and still can’t get over how awesome it is. This is up there with the Tony Gwynn quadruple patch from Wicked Ortega as one of my nicest and favorite cards. Don’t worry about those scuffs, they’re all from either the magnetic holder or my scanner bed. I even think that the shiny, obnoxious Topps sticker works well with the Bowman Sterling design and overall shininess of the card. Oh, by the way, it’s even shinier in person! Way shinier! Thanks so much Angelsfan. you da man!!!




5 responses

7 01 2010

That’s a sweeeet card right there!!

7 01 2010
Collective Troll

Nice card! I am a big fan of Sterling as a product!

7 01 2010

I sent out my group break entry yesterday and it should be there soon Troll!

7 01 2010

Thanks guys!

18 01 2010
Cool Cards from Shot Not Taken « Omega Cardboard

[…] he also threw in a 2007 Ultimate Collection K-Rod jersey card which went too Angelsfan in the epic Posey trade. Sweet. Sorry for the delay in posting Shot, and thanks a lot for the […]

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