2008 Upper Deck Baseball Heroes Box Break

8 01 2010

Giantsfan and I decided to split a box of UD Heroes as a treat for the New Year.  This was the first time we split a box and this was a great product to bust.

In Heroes, you are guaranteed 3 jerseys and an auto.  After the first two packs, we suspected it was a hot box as we pulled two of the four hits in those two packs, but it wasn’t.  Nonetheless, we got a sick hit which deserves it’s own post, which will follow this post.  We got a bunch of parallels and yankee stadium legacy cards.  We’ll spare you the  time of not showing the Legacy’s as in my opinion are very umm…boring.  Here’s the results:

Here are the highest numbered parallels we pulled: Emeralds #/499 of Chone Figgins, Phil Hughes, Andre Ethier, and Steve Carlton.

Here are Charcoal Parallels #/399 of Carlos Delgado and Todd Helton.

Here are the Beige Parallels that are slightly different colors both #’d 269/299.  What luck!  Jacoby Ellsbury and Josh Hamilton.

Here are the Red and Blue parallels of Bob Gibson #/199 and Pat Burrell #/249.

I know, a lot of parallels, but this is the last bunch.  Sea Green Parallels of Eric Chavez and Derek Lee #/99.

Moving on to the hits…

One of the cards opened in the first two packs is this Vernon Wells Swatch Jersey Blue #/50.  A good start.

A Derek Lee Jersey with a pinstripe #/125.  ‘Nuff Said.

And here’s the auto which is some sort of a letdown, but at least it’s not a terrible player, Blanton is 3/4 decent.  It’s a Joe Blanton Sticker Auto #/150.  This was the other card opened in the second pack.

So not a bad box, but you have yet to hear about our last and downright sickening hit.  But that will have to wait for the next post.

Thanks for reading,

Angelsfan and Giantsfan




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