2009 Sweet Spot Rip: 2 Mini-boxes

9 01 2010

First of all, mini-boxes are just packs in this set, but they all come individually bundled up in little boxes. Moving on, as part of my Christmas cash spending spree, I ordered two packs of 09 Sweet spot from dacardworld for $17 apiece. It’s not that I don’t want to support my shop, but they don’t sell loose packs of this stuff, only boxes for like $140. I got some decent stuff, but it probably wasn’t a good deal for the cash. Nonetheless, I had never experienced Sweet Spot before, and it was fun to break.

Pack 1:

Pack 1, as all packs do, had 7 base cards and one hit.  I didn’t scan the base cards, but if anybody’s looking for a specific one, let me know and I’ll see if I have it. The hit in the first pack left a little bit to be desired, but he’ll probably become a superstar now as a new member of the 2009 New York Yankees.

Ladies and Gentlemen, Mr. Curtis Granderson:

I’m not really a fan of  plain white and grey jersey pieces in high end products like sweet spot, but I can live with this hit.

The next pack was better, as I pulled the Sweet Spot autograph of the box. Again, I didn’t scan the base cards, but here’s the hit:

Mike Jacobs #174/199. Well, it’s not Jeter, but pulling the Sweet Spot autograph of the box in only two packs was pretty cool. Overall, I had fun opening these packs, and my advise would be that if you have the cash, go for it!! Opening the pack and seeing that one card that’s thicker than the rest of the pack combined, and knowing that you have one of the most original autographed card designs is a great feeling. I may just have to buy a couple more of these soon…






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