Sick, sick pull!!!!

9 01 2010

Note: If you haven’t already read the Heroes box break post (the previous post), read that first!

Now that you all have heard about the rest of our Heroes box break, it is time to unveil one of my most exciting pulls ever from a pack or box. Drumroll please…

Okay, are you ready? Cause here it is:

That, my friends, is one healthy patch! We were trying to figure it out, but does anybody know where that might have come from on his jersey? I don’t know the Cubs uniforms very well, but I was hoping that somebody out in the ‘sphere might. It’s too bad that it’s of Aramis Ramirez and not somebody like Ken Griffey Jr., for example, but the filthiness if this patch makes up for it. Needless to say, when we opened up the fateful pack and noticed a very thick card inside, we knew we were still owed a game used card, and we were very psyched to see the telltale sign of a patch. “It’s a patch,” I screamed, and Angelsfan nodded. I love this card, with the navy blue relic and light blue background.

Let us know what you think and if you know where on the jersey that patch might have come from!


EDIT: Our guess, thanks to one of the comments left here, is that this is a piece of bottom of the National League patch on Aramis’ sleeve, as you can see the home plate from the bottom of the National League logo on the right corner of the patch.




6 responses

9 01 2010

I believe that is the bottom of the National League logo patch from the sleeve. The right side of the patch is the home plate of the patch. Here’s a pic.

9 01 2010

I see it! That’s pretty cool, thanks for pointing that out.

9 01 2010
Collective Troll

Nice pull!!! I waited on ripping heroes till recently and I have to say it has a lot of bang for the buck! I got your package today, thanks! I love the Helmar Brew card. Good stuff!

9 01 2010

That is so sweet!

9 01 2010


9 01 2010

You guys have all the luck!!

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