2007 Ultimate Collection Mini-Box Break

10 01 2010

Again, it’s just a pack. But it’s a pack with the same number of hits as some entire boxes. I picked up a hobby pack of 2007 Ultimate Collection from dacardworld.com for $37.95. It promises 2 memorabilia cards, one autograph, and one base card per pack. It boils down to about $9 per card, and as is the way with most high end products, you are making a gamble on the hits that you pull. Unfortunately, I probably didn’t get my money’s worth, but it’s still really fun to pull 3 hits out of one pack!! I know you folks aren’t here to hear me babble, so let’s move on to what I got, shall we?


Chad Cordero base #374/450. I remember watching this guy when he was in college. He was dominant!

Card #2:

C.C. Sabathia Ultimate Numbers dual game used #26/52. He’s now on the Jankees. ‘Nuff Said! I actually do like this card though. Low serial number and a cool design. My only regret is that it’s not a patch. Hmmm.

Card #3:

Khalil Greene autograph. UGGGGGG! Come on, for $38 I should get a better auto than that! Jeez Upper Deck, why is this guy even in a high end checklist?? This would be a weak hit for a Padres fan to pull out of retail pack! OK, maybe not, but still, you understand my point.

Card #4:

Howie Kendrick patch #01/25. This is the first time that I have pulled a sick nasty ebay 1/1, or as the rest of us call them, cards with serial number 1/something. I’m not a fan of 1 color patches in the least. If you’re going to give me a patch card, at least give it two colors or a piece of jersey attached or something, because right now, it just looks like a piece of normal, red Angels jersey. I can tell that it’s part of a patch by feeling it, but this is a weak effort at a patch card. Oh well, at least I can trade it to Angelsfan for something cool.

All in all, fun to open, but not the greatest hits. You’ve got to get lucky with your hits on these or you will not get your money’s worth, but I guess that’s the same with almost all wax. Such is the nature of our hobby.

If anybody wants to trade for any of these cards, let me know, except for the Kendrick which will at some point be traded to Angelsfan.

Thanks for reading!





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10 01 2010

ouch with the auto…..

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