Bowman Sterling Autos FTW

11 01 2010

As everyone probably knows, when it comes to baseball rookie cards, Bowman has got it down.  And more specifically, Bowman Sterling is where it’s at.  Sterling is high end, expensive, and best of all shiny.  And who doesn’t like shiny, expensive cards?  No, I have not busted a box of Bowman Sterling as it’s banana crazy expensive and if you just buy the single hits of the set, you will be equally satisfied.  I had four of them, but traded the Buster Posey one to Giantsfan for some Angels goodies.  Here they are:

Here’s a Gordon Beckham rookie auto out of the 2008 Bowman Sterling product.  This and the Posey were being auctioned off by one eBay seller and were ending 30 seconds apart.  I was the lucky winner and snagged both of them.  I love the design of this card and it was hard for me to give up the similar Posey.

This is from the 2007 set and as you can see it’s equally sick, a Ryan Braun rookie auto.  I love how the clean, blue auto really stands out.

It’s hard to pick favorites from these three awesome cards, but if I had to, this Evan Longoria would take the cake.  Also from the 2008 set, but a different design than the Beckham.  I think the card and auto speaks for itself.

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