Target 3-Pack Rip: Xfractor again!

16 01 2010

I went to Target last night and bought a few packs while I was there. I went for a pack of T206, a pack of Topps Chrome, and a pack of Bowman chrome. I didn’t pull anything spectacular, but I did continue the blog tradition of pulling an Xfractor out of Topps Chrome. I wonder if It’s Like Having My Own Card Shop is interested in this one…

Here is the Topps Chrome:

Conor Jackson Xfractor, along with Jeff Samardzija, Rocco Baldelli, and Brad Hawpe base cards. I know have the base, refractor, and Xfractor of Conor Jackson! Sweet!

Next up is the Bowman Chrome. Unfortunately, you only get three cards, and one of mine was a World Baseball Classic card. UGGGHH! I HATE those cards! Well, here they are:

At least the other two were semi-stars. And Aubrey Huff is our newest Giant! I may have to send that card TTM during Spring Training!

I also grabbed one pack of T206. Nothing spectacular, and the scan is below:

The Hanley mini is a Piedmont back, Aramis Copper parallel, and the rest base.

That’s all for today, thanks for reading!




2 responses

16 01 2010
Daniel Wilson

This is It’s like having my own Card Shop, and you know I’m interested in the Jackson XFRACTOR! Let me know who or what it would take to get it from you. Thanks!

16 01 2010

Hi Daniel, I collect the Giants and Ryan Garko. Do you have anything?
Also are you interested in the regular Conor Jackson or Chris Young refractors that I have?

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