Update on my T206 Mini

16 01 2010

I was checking out my T206 pack that I posted earlier, when something caught my attention. The Hanley Ramirez Piedmont mini was lighter in color than other T206 minis that I’ve pulled. I did some research and found out that it is actually a short-printed mini variation, inserted at a rate of about 1 in 20 packs. That definitely changes my mind about that pack, and gives me my first T206 mini variation. A helpful trick that I saw on Cardboard Junkie is to stack up all of your minis, and the one with a whiter cardstock is an SP. I wonder if Wicked Ortega is interested? If you want to see a scan of the mini, just check out the previous post, and check out the Cardboard Junkie post to figure out how to tell if you’ve got an SP on your hands!



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