Giantsfan’s Goods from The Don

18 01 2010

Yeah. I got a hefty package from Wicked Ortega too. It was so humongous that he used 6 team set bags stuffed full of players and it cost over $5 to ship. YIKES! It had a bunch of great cards, and all I had to do was send him a Jordan Zimmerman framed T206 Piedmont auto, a Topps Chrome Jordan Zimmerman rookie auto, and a Topps Chrome Jordan Zimmerman blue refractor/199. I sent your package on Thursday, Wicked, so it should get there soon.

Here are some of the awesome cards:

Assorted Minis and oddly shaped cards!


A vintage Sam McDowell “Boyhood Photos” card!


A Tim Lincecum card from Tristar Prospects Plus! Shiny!


I wasn’t collecting in 1991, so I have no idea what this is. It changes when you hold it at different angles and the scan doesn’t really do it justice. It looks like kind of a holographic insert of some sort. Did they put these in packs?


A 2007 Ultimate Collection Barry Zito base card #/450. I like the base cards in this set (at least from the 2 I’ve seen).


2009 Topps Chrome Barry Zito and Randy Johnson refractors. These are nice! I didn’t pull either of these from my hobby box, so these are cool to have!

On a somewhat related note, he also sent me this:

2009 Topps Chrome Randy Johnson Xfractor. I really like Xfractors, and if anybody has the Xfractors of other Giants in this set, I’d love to trade for them. The scan really doesn’t do justice to this card.


Jason Schmidt and Mike Matheny red refractors from 2006? Topps Chrome. These are each /90 and look very nice. I like the action shot of Matheny!! He was a solid catcher until he got a concussion, which I believe forced him to retire.

Last but certainly not least:

2007 Ultimate Collection Matt Cain jersey. This is my second Matt Cain relic from Wicked Ortega. He also sent me a TON of base cards, most of which I didn’t have. Thanks Wicked!! Let me know when your package arrives!!!!




2 responses

18 01 2010
Daniel Wilson

Great cards! Wicked is one heck of a trader. The holograph team logo sticker was one per 1991 Upper Deck pack.

18 01 2010

Good stuff (especially the McDowell card)

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