Contest Winner!

5 02 2010

Just today, I received the 15th comment guess on my COMC purchase!  Wow!  I never thought that there would be 15 guesses.  Thanks a lot guys for participating.  Getting back to business…as promised I said that whoever made the closest guess would win a jersey card of their choice.  The total was……$19.40!!!! (including $5 shipping).  Which means Captain Canuck won with a guess of 19.95!  Looks like cynicalbuddha went on the wrong side of Captain Canuck with 19.96!  So, Captain Canuck: email me at to choose your prize.  As proof of the total price:

If you add up all of the purchase prices and then add 5 at the end for shipping, you will get 19.40.  Also, in the top right, it shows I have .60 left store credit and I originally put 20.  Thanks to everyone who participated!

Thanks for reading,

Angelsfan out!



One response

5 02 2010
Captain Canuck

holy crap! thanks!

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