BOOTY from The Troll

7 02 2010

He had a group break. I was in it. He’s having another one soon. I’m in it. Sweet. Check out what I got from the last one (or at least some of the fun stuff…) right here:

Awesome 1974 checklist!

A couple of Barry Bonds’. Love him or hate him (ME!), the dude could flat out play, even before the steroids.

Another Barry, this time a Swing for the Fences insert.

Robby Thompson.

Matt Williams.

Troll also included these awesome Master Photos:

David Nied

J.T. Snow. Too bad he’s in an Angels uni and not the Giants…

And Barry Bonds (Again.) The scans on the last couple got a bit cropped. Sorry.

Thanks again Troll! I’m looking forward to the next one!



One response

8 02 2010
Collective Troll

Glad ya got them! I didn’t realize there were 3 Master Photos in there, I thought it was just Bonds, oops! Enjoy!

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