TTM Success: JJ Hardy

14 02 2010

I got this back a couple of days ago. Last season’s TTM’s seem to be rolling in every few weeks, which keeps the mail exciting until Spring Training starts, when a whole new fleet of letters will go out. I sent this one out early last year, so it took about 9 months, my longest return to date. Here it is:

I’ve gotten a number of these 06 Fleer Tradition cards signed TTM now, and I must say, with the right prepping, they turn out pretty nicely. It’s too bad that the auto kind of blends in with his dark jersey though. He is a reliable TTM signer, and I encourage you readers to try him this Spring Training. You should get them back eventually!

On a side note, I’ve got a box of 2009 Sweet Spot coming on Tuesday, so be on the lookout for a break of that. Also, Angelsfan has decided to take a break from omegawax for a while, but I (Giantsfan) will try to keep the blog alive. Please, look for patch cards to trade me so that I can achieve my lofty goal of a patch card from every team. Multicolored! That’s all!





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