2009 Sweet Spot Box: THE HITS!

18 02 2010

Ok. Right off the bat, they’re disappointing. Not to mention that one of the relics was damaged, but we’ll get to that. I pulled 3 Sweet Swatch relics, a dual relic, and pretty crappy autographs, so I’m kind of sad, but it was my birthday and buying singles is no fun because you know exactly what you’re going to get. Busting wax is like the lottery, and I like it!

Here we go!
The hit from pack 1:

Albert Pujols plain white jersey. Not an awful start, but there are creases running along the top of the card to the right of the relic window, and the jersey is miscut. What do you guys think? Should I send it back?

Moving on:

The hit from pack 2:

Aramis Ramirez relic. At least the jersey is blue! This is the second Aramis relic I’ve gotten in two boxes, but the last one was a sick patch.

Hit from pack 3:

Billy Butler relic. Again, I’m glad it’s not plain white.

Pack 4 hit:

Derek Jeter/Jorge Posade dual relic. This might be the best hit of the box here. I’m hoping to trade it for a patch that I don’t have.

Pack 5:

Well, at least it’s low numbered. It’s not terrible, and goes for about $8 on ebay, which probably makes it the best card of the box.

Last but not least, pack 6: (Well, it might be least)

Marlon Byrd Sweet SPot autograph/350. As much as I love the Sweet Spot Signature design, the two that I’ve pulled probably are worth about the price of half a pack combined.
All cards are for trade except the Jeter/Posada which is already accounted for. And let me know your opinions on whether the Albert Pujols is worth sending back. That is all. Thanks for reading.





4 responses

21 02 2010

What would you want for the Byrd??

21 02 2010

Got any patch cards?

22 02 2010

I’d send the Pujols back, maybe they’ll send something extra if you share you’re “displeasure”.

23 02 2010

Haha, maybe!

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