TTM Success: Jeremy Accardo

1 03 2010

This one came back in the mail today from last year. I sent out this year’s first batch of TTMs to Spring Training today with a mix of customs and cards. I really want to send a baseball though. Anyhoo, this one’s from Jeremy Accardo c/o the Blue Jays. I sent it to Canada, but it was postmarked from Spring Training in Florida, so I guess he took it with him. I was really bummed when the Giants traded him for Shea Hillenbrand, because he seemed to have a lot of potential and he just kept getting better. After a rough 2008, he rebounded in 2009 and had a decent season, and for his sake I hope that he can steer his career back on track. This is yet another success on a Fleer Tradition card from 2006. I must have bought a blaster of this, and pulled a lot of TTM guys,because it seems like every other success that I get is on one of these. I’m glad he’s in a Giants uniform on this card, and I wish him the best of luck this year!

I prepped this one, and the autograph looks great on the light uniform and background. Thanks Jeremy!!

Thanks for reading, and check out Play at the Plate‘s contest!





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