Autographed 8x10s and a Miscellaneous Giants TTM

4 03 2010

Hey guys, not a lot of time tonight, but I decided to show you guys 3 of my autographed 8x10s and a Pablo TTM from last year on one of my first custom cards.

First up is an 8×10 signed by Steve Morse at my local Guitar store. I’ve been playing guitar for two years, and hey, a free autograph is a free autograph.

Next is Mr. Bud Selig, the commish. I heard that if you sent him a letter asking for a signed baseball, he’d just send you one. He sent me this instead, still pretty cool.

The last 8×10 is Matt Cain. I got this signed in-person at an SF Giants store last summer. Matt drove up in a brand new Range Rover with tinted window which was pretty sweet. His girlfriend was with him, but disappeared to do some shopping.

I got this signed TTM. It’s a Red Hot Rookie custom printed out as a 4×6 photo, and it is sweet. Easily one of my favorite TTM successes ever!

That’s it for today,




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