2006 Topps 52 Hobby Box Break

29 03 2010

Well, I got a box of this from Blowout. About 30 bucks, not too bad, and you get a lot of rookies. I figured that most of you know what the base looks like, so I just scanned the inserts:

Dynamic Duos. These come with two guys each, and I pulled 5.


Chris Resop, TJ Beam, Chris Booker, and Jeff Karstens. These are numbered to 1952.

Chrome Refractors:

Roy Corcoran. These look really nice in person. These are numbered out of 500-something. They fall 1:19 packs, but I lucked out and found two. Oh yeah, and the second one’s of somebody good, too!

Pudge! I really like this card. He looks so young!

Next is Mr. Mickey Mantle:

I’m not sure how rare the black background is. Do any of you? This is the only Mick of the box.

And finally, the autographs!

The first one that I pulled:

Anibal Sanchez of the Marlins.

Next autograph:

Expired redemption for a Jeff Mathis auto. Damn! If only I’d opened this box last year…

Two autographs down, one to go. Down to the last pack of the box, I open it to find this staring at me:

AAAAAAARRRRRRRGGGGGGGGHHHHHHH!!!! Another expired redemption! And this time it’s a Giant! (now with the Sox). NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!

But wait. There’s more in that pack! What can it be? Out pops this:

Tom Mastny auto. And this:

Josh Kinney auto. And this:

Erick Aybar auto. And, last but not least, this:

Ben Zobrist auto!! SWEET!

Yes, you read that right. What  would have been 5 autographs in a single pack (if not for friggin’ redemptions). Can you imagine buying a hobby pack of this in 2006 and pulling 5 autographs. That would have been awesome! And now, I don’t feel shorted with the redemptions. & would have been nice, but 5 autographs is already two more that I expected.

So now, I ask. Have any of you had something like this happen to you before? More hits in one pack than you expected in the whole box? Or anything similar?

Leave a comment so that we can all hear what happened to you.

Last but not least, all cards are for trade, thanks for reading,





5 responses

29 03 2010

Thanks for sharing your break. That was a nice surprise hot pack.

29 03 2010
Play at the Plate

I’ve never had a pack like that. I busted a hot box of Fleer Ultra Football years ago that had 24 jersey cards in it…one per pack.

29 03 2010

Mantle with the black background books at $6 and looks like just a variation. There’s an orange, red, green, and yellow as well. Only the blue background is a SP and that books $30.

It stinks that Zobrist’s picture is awful.

30 03 2010

That is crazy! It’s never happened to me but I wish!

28 09 2010


I bought a box of U.D timeline a few years ago, and pulled nine team usa autographs including the Strasburg ( should have sold it still have it) Paid 36.00 for the entire box.

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