Recent TTM Successes!!!

6 04 2010

Hey guys. It’s been a while. I won’t get into it, but I’ve been busy. I just wanted to catch up on recent TTMs until I have time to post my 08 Masterpieces break and my 04 Pristine pack break.

I alluded to this one in an earlier post, but I didn’t scan them. Here are my customs, signed by last year’s Giants first round pick Zack Wheeler:

These were some of my first customs ever, but I had to wait until this year to send them out. The top one is personalized, and the bottom one is not. Unfortunately, the autographs are a bit hard to see. I like this success nonetheless. *Hey, that rhymes!*

Anyhoo, this was my other success, coming last monday, a week to the day after I had sent it out.

That’s right. My second TTM baseball came back, successfully. This one is inked up by AL ROY Andrew Bailey. Now that I have this, I feel better about trading my refractor autograph to Wicked Ortega. I had asked Bailey for a ROY inscription, but with his number and a signature in the sweet spot of the ball, I guess that I should be happy. I sent out my third ball today, and while I’m not going to say who it went to, I will say that it continues in the tradition of good, young players.

That’s it for now!


P.S. 5000 hits is right around the corner, so a contest is in the works!




6 responses

6 04 2010
Play at the Plate

Very nice…it’s cool to get sigs on your own customs. Plus that ball looks really nice. Bailey has a nice signature.

24 04 2010

I’ll trade you a Tony Pérez autpgraphed ball for the Andrew ball

24 04 2010

sorry but I’m gonna hang on to this one.

25 05 2010

I can’t believe what a great signer Bailey is! He is gonna be rivaling Neshek soon. I have never seen a ball signed TTM by a current player before, that is pretty amazing. I really like your Wheeler custom, too.

25 05 2010

Thanks Troll!

25 05 2010
What is best pen to have a baseball autpgraphed with? | A1 Games

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