2006 Topps 52 Hobby Box Break

29 03 2010

Well, I got a box of this from Blowout. About 30 bucks, not too bad, and you get a lot of rookies. I figured that most of you know what the base looks like, so I just scanned the inserts:

Dynamic Duos. These come with two guys each, and I pulled 5.


Chris Resop, TJ Beam, Chris Booker, and Jeff Karstens. These are numbered to 1952.

Chrome Refractors:

Roy Corcoran. These look really nice in person. These are numbered out of 500-something. They fall 1:19 packs, but I lucked out and found two. Oh yeah, and the second one’s of somebody good, too!

Pudge! I really like this card. He looks so young!

Next is Mr. Mickey Mantle:

I’m not sure how rare the black background is. Do any of you? This is the only Mick of the box.

And finally, the autographs!

The first one that I pulled:

Anibal Sanchez of the Marlins.

Next autograph:

Expired redemption for a Jeff Mathis auto. Damn! If only I’d opened this box last year…

Two autographs down, one to go. Down to the last pack of the box, I open it to find this staring at me:

AAAAAAARRRRRRRGGGGGGGGHHHHHHH!!!! Another expired redemption! And this time it’s a Giant! (now with the Sox). NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!

But wait. There’s more in that pack! What can it be? Out pops this:

Tom Mastny auto. And this:

Josh Kinney auto. And this:

Erick Aybar auto. And, last but not least, this:

Ben Zobrist auto!! SWEET!

Yes, you read that right. What  would have been 5 autographs in a single pack (if not for friggin’ redemptions). Can you imagine buying a hobby pack of this in 2006 and pulling 5 autographs. That would have been awesome! And now, I don’t feel shorted with the redemptions. & would have been nice, but 5 autographs is already two more that I expected.

So now, I ask. Have any of you had something like this happen to you before? More hits in one pack than you expected in the whole box? Or anything similar?

Leave a comment so that we can all hear what happened to you.

Last but not least, all cards are for trade, thanks for reading,



2009 Sweet Spot Box Break: BASE CARDS

16 02 2010

Here are the base cards from my box of Sweet Spot. The box was a bit of a letdown, but it was my birthday and I wanted to bust some wax, and you can’t expect to win ’em all. With the luck this blog’s been having lately with boxes, I guess I can’t complain… Anyway, here are the base cards:

Pack 1:

Pack 2:

Pack 3:

Pack 4:

Pack 5:

Pack 6:

I’m not planning to try to tackle this set, although I do like it, so almost all of these are for trade. Hit me up if you have set needs, personal collection needs, or any other needs and we can work something out. Stay tuned for the second part of the break, the hits, coming soon to a computer near you. I’ll warn you in advance, the box hits were pretty bad. I did all right with the relics, (no patches though) but the sweet spot autograph is pretty bad. Play at the Plate might want it though :). Well, that’s all for now. If you have PATCH CARDS (multicolored) please hit me up so we can trade.

That’s all for right now…


Sick, sick pull!!!!

9 01 2010

Note: If you haven’t already read the Heroes box break post (the previous post), read that first!

Now that you all have heard about the rest of our Heroes box break, it is time to unveil one of my most exciting pulls ever from a pack or box. Drumroll please…

Okay, are you ready? Cause here it is:

That, my friends, is one healthy patch! We were trying to figure it out, but does anybody know where that might have come from on his jersey? I don’t know the Cubs uniforms very well, but I was hoping that somebody out in the ‘sphere might. It’s too bad that it’s of Aramis Ramirez and not somebody like Ken Griffey Jr., for example, but the filthiness if this patch makes up for it. Needless to say, when we opened up the fateful pack and noticed a very thick card inside, we knew we were still owed a game used card, and we were very psyched to see the telltale sign of a patch. “It’s a patch,” I screamed, and Angelsfan nodded. I love this card, with the navy blue relic and light blue background.

Let us know what you think and if you know where on the jersey that patch might have come from!


EDIT: Our guess, thanks to one of the comments left here, is that this is a piece of bottom of the National League patch on Aramis’ sleeve, as you can see the home plate from the bottom of the National League logo on the right corner of the patch.

2008 Upper Deck Baseball Heroes Box Break

8 01 2010

Giantsfan and I decided to split a box of UD Heroes as a treat for the New Year.  This was the first time we split a box and this was a great product to bust.

In Heroes, you are guaranteed 3 jerseys and an auto.  After the first two packs, we suspected it was a hot box as we pulled two of the four hits in those two packs, but it wasn’t.  Nonetheless, we got a sick hit which deserves it’s own post, which will follow this post.  We got a bunch of parallels and yankee stadium legacy cards.  We’ll spare you the  time of not showing the Legacy’s as in my opinion are very umm…boring.  Here’s the results:

Here are the highest numbered parallels we pulled: Emeralds #/499 of Chone Figgins, Phil Hughes, Andre Ethier, and Steve Carlton.

Here are Charcoal Parallels #/399 of Carlos Delgado and Todd Helton.

Here are the Beige Parallels that are slightly different colors both #’d 269/299.  What luck!  Jacoby Ellsbury and Josh Hamilton.

Here are the Red and Blue parallels of Bob Gibson #/199 and Pat Burrell #/249.

I know, a lot of parallels, but this is the last bunch.  Sea Green Parallels of Eric Chavez and Derek Lee #/99.

Moving on to the hits…

One of the cards opened in the first two packs is this Vernon Wells Swatch Jersey Blue #/50.  A good start.

A Derek Lee Jersey with a pinstripe #/125.  ‘Nuff Said.

And here’s the auto which is some sort of a letdown, but at least it’s not a terrible player, Blanton is 3/4 decent.  It’s a Joe Blanton Sticker Auto #/150.  This was the other card opened in the second pack.

So not a bad box, but you have yet to hear about our last and downright sickening hit.  But that will have to wait for the next post.

Thanks for reading,

Angelsfan and Giantsfan

Dacardworld.com Purchase

28 12 2009

Angelsfan and I placed an order on Dacardworld.com for a hobby box of 2008 Baseball Heroes, a hobby pack of 2007 Ultimate collection promising 2 relics and an autograph, and 2 mini-boxes of this year’s Sweet Spot. When they arrive, we will break them one at a time and post all of the results right here on Omegawax. Wish us luck!

Be on the lookout for our breaks starting later this week!

Topps Chrome Hobby Box Break

27 12 2009

I received a Topps Chrome hobby box for Christmas, and after the  ripping was done, I thought I’d share it with you folks. This box was lots of fun and I pulled 7 regular refractors, 3 blue ones, a gold one, a rookie auto, and a blue refractor rookie auto. I was pretty pleased with the blue refractor auto that I pulled, as you will see later.

Ok, I was too lazy to scan these but the refractors that I pulled were Elvis Andrus (Rookie), Jered Weaver, Mike Lowell, Chris Young (D-Backs) Ken Griffey Jr., A.J. Pierzynski, Joakim Soria, and Prince Fielder. On a related note, I pulled a Brian Duensing Xfractor out of one of the Chrome retail packs in my stocking, but not a single one out of the entire hobby box. Are the X-fractors retail exclusive?

I also pulled 5 WBC card of random guys that I don’t know and don’t care about, and no refractors of those guys or anything.

On to the hits! My blue refractors were Johan Santana, Ian Stewart, and Jordan Zimmerman (Again??).

These bad boys are all #/199.

As I mentioned earlier, I pulled one gold refractor, which might have been the second best hit of the box. This Cliff Lee is numbered 50/50 and is just a great-looking shiny card. It’s cool to pull the last one they made, too!

Please excuse the tape residue on the toploader, I think I got this one in a trade taped to another one.

Ok, now you’re probably curious as to the nature of my autographs. Given my recent pulls, the first one was a bit of a disappointment. I got a Jordan Zimmerman rookie auto (AGAIN?!?!?!?!?)

I’m a magnet for this guy!!! I should probably start collecting him, because if he has a great career, I’ve got 2 rookie autographs and a rookie blue refractor/199 of him. If only I attracted Ryan Zimmerman cards like this. Oh yeah, and on top of that, if you look at one of the chrome cards next to the T206 one, IT’S THE SAME PICTURE!!

Ok. That’s enough whining, because this next card made the whole box worth it. It is a blue refractor autograph, numbered/199, of the AMERICAN LEAGUE ROOKIE OF THE YEAR!!! HOLY SCHNIKES!!!

Wow! What a great card! I even thought about buying one of the regular autographs from him on ebay during the season, but now I’m glad to have held off. This pull really sealed the status as a good box, and I’m really happy to have this card in my possession. Whoo!

Thanks for reading, Giantsfan