COMC Purchase (Read to the end for a Special Contest!)

28 01 2010

Warning: This is a monster post, so I suggest you sit down for this one.

Unless you were born yesterday, you know that COMC stands for  As not retiring is the new retiring (Favre, Warner, and Shaq), COMC is the new eBay.  The layout, accessibility, and the ability to shop more efficiently of COMC is leaps and bounds ahead of eBay.  It’s much more shopper friendly as all of the cards are stored in one location, so there is combined shipping.  Also, viewing the cards online is quite convenient.  However, there is a $0.25 S&H fee for every card to go along with the starting 2.75 shipping fee.  So you can really rack up the shipping cost before you know it.  Despite this issue, COMC is revolutionizing how you card shop online.  With a specific budget, I went to work to compile a great purchase.  Here is what I got:

2009 Bowman Draft Patrick Willis Orange

I really like what Bowman did with 2009 football.  It’s a great layout based on the simplicity of it.  Plus, it’s a pretty good action shot.

2009 Donruss Threads Patrick Willis Gridiron Kings

Another Patrick Willis insert in which I love the design.  Donruss Threads looks awesome for football, but it didn’t do it for me with baseball.  I love the gridiron inserts of this product.  Two great things about these cards, are the paint-like filter of the picture, and the weaved pattern texture of the card itself.

2009 Topps Chrome Patrick Willis Blue Refractor

As you might already tell, I’m obsessed with the 2009 Topps Chrome product for both baseball and football.  I already have a Willis Copper Refractor of 2009 Topps Chrome and couldn’t help but get the Blue refractor version.  The blue refractor looks filthy.

2008 Donruss Threads Patrick Willis Gold Holofoil #/50

This is the 2008 version of Donruss Threads and looks equally awesome.  Also a simple design and it’s numbered out of 50, so even more filthy points.

2009 Bowman Chrome Torii Hunter Blue Refractor #/150

The scan makes it look like a flashy, neon blue, which it is in reality, just not as extreme.  Anyways, this is the first Angels card and its a sweet blue refractor out of Bowman Chrome.  Despite the printed signature (which I don’t care for; don’t know why Topps has to put that on the cards of their products in the past couple of years), it’s a shiny and glossy refractor, which I really like.

2009 Bowman Chrome Patrick Willis Refractor

As I said before, I love the 2009 Bowman Chrome football set and this refractor is pretty sick.  I love the crossing lines across the card that makes it look a little like an X-Fractor.  Awesome card.

2002 Leaf Certified Darin Erstad Bat Mirror Red #/75

I really like this card, but, unlike the scan, the card is a bit banged up with some dinged corners and scratches and smudges on the face of the card.  I don’t care that much, as it’s still an Erstad.

2005 Leaf Certified Materials Vladimir Guerrero Jersey #/250

For some reason, I really enjoy the Leaf Certified baseball product, but unfortunately it was discontinued.  Although it’s just a plain, white pieace of jersey, it’s numbered and I got a good deal on it.

2008 Leaf Certified Materials Patrick Willis Jersey #/150

When you thought you couldn’t get enough of Leaf Certified, here’s another!  In terms of memorabilia, Donruss has got it down for football.  I absolutely love the design with the red.

Sorry that this post has been quite long.  You must be wondering how much my shipping and handling must have cost considering I purchased 9 cards.  Well it was a hefty sum rounding out at $5!!  That’s pretty crazy.  I saw this coming and I planned it perfectly.  However, when I received the bubble mailer earlier today, I noticed that the stamp postage only cost $1.73!  What the heck!  What a rip!  This is one flaw for COMC, which I hope will be tweaked.  This COMC purchase, as you probably can tell, was focused on adding to my new Patrick Willis collection.

My trivia for you is to guess how much my purchase cost (including the $5 shipping).  Post a comment with your guess.

If 15 or more people comment with a guess, then there will be a prize to the person who’s amount is closest!

I have a few game used jersey pieces that the winner can choose from.  The more people who comment, the bigger the prize could be!  So tell your friends!

Thanks for reading,

Angelsfan out!


New Year New Cards Part 2: Patrick Willis

3 01 2010

As part two of my splurge, I had an idea to broaden my collection and start collecting a specific player.  I couldn’t think of any from the MLB, so I tried the NFL for the first time.  Living in the Bay Area, my first thought was Patrick Willis of the Niners.  He is so good at linebacker and his cards on were pretty awesome.  I’ve always wanted to collect a NFL player and here was my chance!  I didn’t get much of Willis since my main focus of this splurge were Angels, but here they are:

Flipping through the pages, there were a lot of rookie cards with Willis in his Ole Miss Jersey, so I got the cheapest one they had.  Above is a 2007 Topps Draft Picks and Prospects (DPP) Patrick Willis Rookie Card.  It’s not numbered even though it has a gold border.

Since I wasn’t going to spend too much on some Willis cards yet, I decided to find a sweet refractor.  Here is a 2009 Topps Chrome Patrick Willis Copper Refractor #/649.

When you start a collection, you have to get a hit or some sort of memarobilia.  Above is a 2007 Leaf Rookies and Stars Patrick Willis Rookie Jersey 230/250.  This was one of the sweetest jersery cards checkoutmycards had and I love the look of it.

This is just a start to a Patrick Willis collection.  If you happen to have a Patrick Willis hit, leave a comment or shoot me an email at and we’ll work something out.

Also, this doesn’t mean I’m going to start collecting Football cards, it just means I’ll be collecting Patrick Willis cards.

Thanks for reading,


New Year New Cards Part 1: Angels

2 01 2010

Instead of stashing my holiday money in my bank account, I decided to splurge on some singles on  If you haven’t already, you should check them out (pun intended).  I got some great deals on some sweet cards.  Here they are:

Above is a Garret Anderson ‘Dual Materials’ Jersey card 73/75 from Fleer Ultra.  I love the look of the card and the dual jersey is pretty cool.

On the right is a Vladimir Guerrero UD Sweet Spot Sweet Threads.  Nothing too special, but I had to get a Vladdy.  P.S. The wrinkle on the Vlad scan is just the penny sleeve, no worries.

Above is a Chone Figgins SP Authentic Auto 467/550.  Again, I like the design and picture of the card and the sig is pretty clean.  I know it’s a sticker, but the back does say it was personally autographed and sent to Upper Deck by Chone Figgins so still legit.

On the left is a Darin Erstad On-Card Auto; another SP Authentic and it’s a chirography.  This is one of my favorite cards that I bought.  It’s a clean auto and really stands out.  On the right is a Darin Erstad 2004 Donruss Throwback Threads Blue Jersey #/100.  Darin Erstad is one of my all-time favorite Angels players.

I thought these cards were pretty awesome and a great addition to my collection, what do you think?

Thanks for reading,