Does Anybody…

30 07 2010

…Have any interest in a Barry Zito autograph? I have several as he seems to sign every time I’m at a Giants game. Nice guy, too. Anyhoo, if interested shoot me an email at hapdude1000 at yahoo dot com.

On a side note, before the game yesterday that I went to (boring, they got one hit) my friend asked Sergio Romo how he grips his slider. Not only did he show us and everybody else there, he also showed us the technique behind sliders and how other guys throw them, which I thought was really cool.



Hey Everybody!

26 07 2010

I know I haven’t posted in a really long time, as I really sort of lost the interest and the time to keep blogging. I still enjoy making the blog rounds but posts here will be pretty infrequent. I was surprised to see that I still get like 10 views a day with no new content, but, I guess I still have some loyal fans.

I plan to have a sort of “goodbye” contest fairly soon with some nice prizes, even if I do occasionally post once it is over, so stay tuned for that.

Oh yeah, before I go, check out this awesome contest over at My Past Time, I Love IT, but DON’T enter. That way I can win all that cool stuff!

That’s it for now guys,


2004 Topps Pristine Pack Break

17 04 2010

Not much time for words, so here are the cards:

Base cards, with an Alberto Callaspo numbered out of 999.

Casey Daigle uncirculated refractor #/999.

The hit:

Frank Thomas fantasy favorites relic with a pinstripe.


Recent TTM Successes!!!

6 04 2010

Hey guys. It’s been a while. I won’t get into it, but I’ve been busy. I just wanted to catch up on recent TTMs until I have time to post my 08 Masterpieces break and my 04 Pristine pack break.

I alluded to this one in an earlier post, but I didn’t scan them. Here are my customs, signed by last year’s Giants first round pick Zack Wheeler:

These were some of my first customs ever, but I had to wait until this year to send them out. The top one is personalized, and the bottom one is not. Unfortunately, the autographs are a bit hard to see. I like this success nonetheless. *Hey, that rhymes!*

Anyhoo, this was my other success, coming last monday, a week to the day after I had sent it out.

That’s right. My second TTM baseball came back, successfully. This one is inked up by AL ROY Andrew Bailey. Now that I have this, I feel better about trading my refractor autograph to Wicked Ortega. I had asked Bailey for a ROY inscription, but with his number and a signature in the sweet spot of the ball, I guess that I should be happy. I sent out my third ball today, and while I’m not going to say who it went to, I will say that it continues in the tradition of good, young players.

That’s it for now!


P.S. 5000 hits is right around the corner, so a contest is in the works!

Box Break: 2008 Just Minors Mystery Balls

25 03 2010

So, this is one of my three boxes from Blowout. Each box promises a signed Official Major League Baseball, two autographed cards, and a complete base set of some Just Minors release. I think I did all right on the autographed cards, but the ball was a bit disappointing. Each box is only 30 bucks though, and I might consider busting more of this in the future.

First auto:

Chad Tracy. Not too bad, at least he’s in the majors and I’ve heard of him. Same with the second one:

Jack Cust. Meh. From what I’ve seen, though, I think that I lucked out. Two decent major leaguers that I’ve at least heard of, and low numbered (one’s to 50 and the other 100).

As for the ball:

In case you can’t recognize it, it’s signed by Micah Owings. Now, the guy can rake (even though he’s a pitcher), but the auto’s a bit smudged and there are bigger names in the checklist. Oh well, I like this product at its price point, and an autographed ball is an autographed ball. It even comes with a COA. Well, that’s about it.

Soooooo…Here’s a picture of the ball that Buster Posey signed for me TTM that I got back last week:



New Patch: Phillies

24 03 2010

Knocked off the Phils courtesy of ebay.

Another from Topps Unique, this time out of 75. I really like the Prime Time Patches at their ebay price point.

Thanks for reading!


Custom Card: Brian Matusz

21 03 2010

Kind of speaks for itself. Brian’s going to be really good someday!

In other news, tomorrow I will be sending out my second baseball TTM. After the awesome return from Buster Posey, I decided to try another young player. Stay tuned to see when it comes back. I also have three boxes from blowout coming tomorrow, which I will break and post over the next week.

That’s all,