Box Break: 2008 Just Minors Mystery Balls

25 03 2010

So, this is one of my three boxes from Blowout. Each box promises a signed Official Major League Baseball, two autographed cards, and a complete base set of some Just Minors release. I think I did all right on the autographed cards, but the ball was a bit disappointing. Each box is only 30 bucks though, and I might consider busting more of this in the future.

First auto:

Chad Tracy. Not too bad, at least he’s in the majors and I’ve heard of him. Same with the second one:

Jack Cust. Meh. From what I’ve seen, though, I think that I lucked out. Two decent major leaguers that I’ve at least heard of, and low numbered (one’s to 50 and the other 100).

As for the ball:

In case you can’t recognize it, it’s signed by Micah Owings. Now, the guy can rake (even though he’s a pitcher), but the auto’s a bit smudged and there are bigger names in the checklist. Oh well, I like this product at its price point, and an autographed ball is an autographed ball. It even comes with a COA. Well, that’s about it.

Soooooo…Here’s a picture of the ball that Buster Posey signed for me TTM that I got back last week:






3 responses

2 04 2010

Austin, got the pack today! i’ll be opening it tonight and posting the results on my blog! Did you open yours yet? get anything good?

31 07 2010
Daniel Wilson

Dang! It looks like you got a D-Backs box. Tracy, Cust and Owings all came up with the Diamondbacks.

31 07 2010

Yeah. Are you interested in trading for any of it? I also have a Max Scherzer redemption from 08 Masterpieces…

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