TTM Success and Future Contest Announcement!

12 01 2010

Today, when I brought in the mail, I noticed a thin, beat up, plain white envelope. I flipped it over to reveal one of my TTM SASE’s. I hadn’t gotten one back since my Sean Rodriguez success about a month ago, so getting one was, as Thorzul would say, ill. Not only did Eric Chavez sign both cards that I sent him, he also sent a signed postcard with his story about finding Jesus on the back.

Here they are:

Eric Chavez’s religious postcard. This bad boy unfortunately had to get folded to fit into my envelope, but it’s still pretty cool. It’s bigger than a normal baseball card, and the signature is really nice. It also has a piece of religious writing done by Chavez on the back.


2008 Stadium Club card signed. This card needed a bit more prepping with baby powder before sending, as there is some bubbling in the “E” of Eric.

Last card:

2005? Fleer Tradition. Great-looking signature. Beautiful. This is my personal favorite of the three, and thus will be going into my personal collection.

FUTURE CONTEST ANNOUNCEMENT: In a month or two (at our current rate), Omegawax should reach 5000 hits and to celebrate when that day comes, we will have a contest. Until then, any TTM returns that I get with more than one signed card, one of those signed items will go into the prize pot, and so on. We will also be looking for other cool cards on checkoutmycards, ebay, and the old shop to make the pot really ILL! Then we’ll have a giant contest with the winner bringing home the cardboard.